Localized Cryotherapy

$45 for 20 minutes

Localized Cryotherapy can be a great aid in reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, speed up post-surgical recovery, improve blood circulation, and repair damaged tissue.


Local Cryotherapy is aimed towards clients who just want to target a certain area on their body, or someone who isn’t healthy enough or physically mobile to do Whole Body Cryotherapy.

When coming in for a session, you will be asked to either sit or lay down on our massage table. Option to change into one of our bathrobes or stay in your clothes depending on where the treatment is needed.

Then, one of our cryohtecnicians will use a hand-held device which he/she is trained in to administer the appropriate stream of nitrogen vapor onto a client’s body part. The session will last anywhere from 3-5 minutes and temperatures will be very similar to WBC (-130F/-190F)

Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy

  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Reduce inflamation
  • Speed up post-surgical recovery
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Repair damaged tissue