Normatec Compression

$30 for 30 Minutes

If you are looking for a more effective way to relax and recover muscles that are strained from intense workouts, NormaTec Compression Therapy is the right solution. This cutting-edge massage compression device allows serious athletes to train harder while decreasing the chances of injury or serious muscle fatigue. If you suffer from a certain medical condition, NormaTec can also be good for alleviating some of the symptoms. Remedy Bodyworks offers NormaTec therapy in a safe and welcoming facility. Our staff members have received all the right training to assist our clients with this therapy and can work with you to make sure that you receive the most beneficial therapeutic treatment imaginable. You are also invited to take advantage of the other therapeutic bodywork treatments that we offer to make yourself feel even better in your own skin. We welcome men and women of all ages, body types and fitness levels to visit us whenever it’s most convenient. If you are interested in receiving NormaTec Compression Therapy and live in the Stamford area, please contact the caring team at Remedy Bodyworks today to schedule your appointment and ask us any questions you may have about this treatment.


The Normatec Pulse compression device consists of two attachments that fit over the arms or legs like sleeves or leggings. When these attachments are being fitted to your limbs, a pre-inflated cycle will allow the device to adjust to your natural contours to give you the most personalized therapy. With the use of Normatec’s patented PULSE technology, compressed air is then circulated through the attachments to deliver massaging action that helps mobilize bodily fluids that aid in recovery. Whether you want to use these compression attachments on a single arm or leg or both, the therapy can be customized to your liking. Massage pressure levels can be adjusted with the control unit.

At the beginning of your treatment session, the attachments will begin compressing your hands, feet or upper quads (depending on where the attachments are fitted) to deliver gentle massaging action that will help put you into a more relaxed state while aiding in muscle recovery. After a brief period, the compression will be released and move up to other parts of your limbs to continue massaging them in a kneading-like fashion.

In addition to being useful for athletes and workout aficionados, Normatec can be beneficial for people with certain medical conditions who are looking for safer, more effective ways to reduce the chances of complications. The device is especially useful for people who are more susceptible to lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other swelling and blood circulation complications.

Normatec is so reliable that it has been used by athletes competing in competitions sanctioned by USA Triathlon and the Ironman U.S. Series. The BMC Racing Team, which often rides in the Tour de France, has also given Normatec excellent reviews and continues to rely on its therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of Using Normatec

Normatec solves the problem of prolonged post-workout recovery periods and excessive muscle fatigue after a hard training session. NormaTec can improve athletic performance and help you set a new PR. The reduced pain, soreness and swelling that results from using Normatec can also be helpful for older people and other individuals who are more prone to certain medical conditions that increase fluid retention and the chances of dangerous blood clots or strokes. This device can act as your own personal massage therapist while covering larger muscle groups more comprehensively than what human hands are capable of doing. A small handheld screen is included to make adjusting massage pressure levels easier.

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce soreness
  • Reduce swelling